Meet the Board

Joshua Herr (President)

Joshua Herr has been active with LCR since 2014. He majored in Political Science, Economics, and German at Calvin University before earning a J.D. and Master of Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law. Josh practices law in Downtown Los Angeles.

Gavin Flores (Vice President; Membership Chair)

Gavin Flores is proud to have worked hard and lived out the American Dream. As a poor, brown, gay immigrant from Mexico, he has always resented those who play the victim to get ahead--he prefers hard work and good values. His most meaningful and fulfilling work in life is to serve as a foster dad to at-risk and in-need youth. In his spare time, he loves exploring nature and learning about astronomy.

Gabe Eisner (Secretary)

Gabe Eisner works as a tech consultant in Los Angeles and has been involved with Log Cabin since 2016, after a lifetime as a devout Democrat. He attended Tulane University in New Orleans, where he studied linguistics with an emphasis on sociocultural anthropology and gender theory. Gabe speaks Sign Language and Italian, and loves to travel to new destinations, especially those with a quirky language or dialect. As a liberal Republican, Gabe's mission is to bring the national parties together around issues like: human trafficking, homelessness, child poverty, national debt, climate preparedness, gender differences versus expression, and balancing personal, corporate, and civic responsibility. Gabe can usually be found greeting our members at the door, so say hi if you join us for a future event!

Spencer Klavan (Communications Chair)

Spencer Klavan (communications chair) is a writer and editor at the Claremont Review of Books and The American Mind, two conservative publications run by the Claremont Institute think tank. He studied ancient Greek and Roman literature at Yale before moving on to obtain his Ph.D. from Oxford. Spencer takes his whisky neat and his steak rare; in his spare time you can find him playing video games or slowly, slowly teaching himself guitar.

Matthew Craffey (Immediate Past President; State Chairman)

Matthew Craffey has been active with LCR for the past 7 years, but got his start in LGBT activism in 2000 when he became the youngest member on the board of the Ventura County Rainbow Alliance. In his spare time. Matthew writes political opinion-editorial pieces for various publications, writes and records music, and is active with his local car clubs. He ran for the 50th Assembly District seat in the California State Assembly in 2016, and he currently is the Director of Prospect Management and Analytics for UCLA.

Amanda Head (At-large; Social Media Outreach)

Amanda Head is a graduate of Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business where she obtained her degree in Business Administration and a subsequent degree in vocal performance and pedagogy. She is the founder and managing editor of The Hollywood Conservative and the host of America’s Voice Live daily on America’s Voice News Network. Her favorite foods are Lucky Charms with added marshmallows and Doritos with pepper jack cheese melted on them. Her drink of choice is a frothy gin fizz. 

Robert Alleman (At-large)

Rob Alleman has joined the board this year. A lifelong Republican, Rob has volunteered for campaigns and and taken a keen interest in politics from an early age while always striving to find common ground and create a meaningful dialogue. Professionally, Rob has worked in key Business Development and Human Resources roles for companies all over the world. A passionate traveler, Rob clocks an average of 150,000 miles in the air each year for work and pleasure. Some of Rob's favorite destinations include Mexico City, South Africa and France.

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commented 2020-03-02 12:36:55 -0800 · Flag
Hello, I am wondering if you have any info regarding the LA RNC May Convention being held at the Airport LA Marriott . As the LA RNC is stating that several events speakers, cocktail get togethers are being held. I don’t know about their schedule exactly just what was posted on FB. I want to make a GOOD IMPRESSION AND REPRESENTATION FOR LOGCABIN ORG. PRIMARILY and FOREMOST. To the other convention attendees. But I would be interested in the events being planned for the weekend. And I don’t want to have anything overlap.
If you have any info regarding any convention speakers events etc. Please let me know.
Thank you
Brenda Borst
commented 2019-02-25 15:26:14 -0800 · Flag
I’d love to get involved. The “Join Chapter” on the national site isn’t working. The email updates on the national site isn’t working. Your local site here has no contact information screen. Oh and this website sucks. I gladly make you a real one for free. Get in touch with me:
Log Cabin LA