Just Socialize at the May Log Cabin Mixer


Now that the grueling primary is over - it's time to take a breather!

So, we've done away with guest speakers this month for our mixer and are inviting you to just come by, have a glass of wine and socialize with your fellow like-minded travelers!

We're moving to a brand new venue - literally... READ MORE

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Log Cabin LA Featured in The Advocate

nestor-advocate.jpgSeveral of our members sat down to talk with The Advocate about being gay and Republican.  If you've been to any of our recent mixers, you'll recognize some familiar faces. Click here to watch!

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Log Cabin Mixer - Confessions of a Presidential Speechwriter


Join us on April 22nd at V Wine Room in West Hollywood to hear true "confessions of a Presidential speechwriter!"

Author Craig Smith has been front-row to some of the most important moments of the 20th century. His public service led him to meetings with Robert Kennedy and Richard Nixon, advising Governor Ronald Reagan, writing for President Ford, serving as a campaign manager for a major US Senator and writing speeches for a contender for the Republican nomination for President.

While life in politics was difficult enough, Smith had the added stress of being a closeted gay man and trying to reconcile his public and private life... MORE INFO

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Special Founders Event Mixer on March 25th


Join us for a very special mixer this month featuring some of the founders of our organization as well as those who have been a part of the fight for equality in the Republican Party.

Our theme is "Log Cabin Republicans - Who we are, where we came from and where we are going." To answer these questions, we've assembled an amazing line-up of speakers. Some are from the past and some from the present, but they all are vital parts of Log Cabin both locally and nationally... CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO RSVP!

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Log Cabin Mixer - Election Q&A


As election year heats up, we've invited two speakers for the Presidential and Senatorial elections!  

Discussing the Presidential election will be Gary Aminoff, the LA County Co-Chair of the Ted Cruz campaign. .He'll be there making the case for a Ted Cruz led White House and to answer tough questions from our members on why they should support him. Stay tuned for more details and guest speakers as well!

Candidate for US Senate Thomas Del Becarro will also be on hand to... READ MORE

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2015 Holiday Party at Sur Lounge


You won't want to miss our Holiday Party on Sunday, December 13th at Sur Lounge in West Hollywood. We'll have food, drinks and even a visit from hunky Santa and the beautiful Mrs. Claus!

Click here for all the details and to RSVP!

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November 2015 Mixer and Homeless LGBT Youth Toiletry Drive


We’re back at V Wine Room in West Hollywood this month for our November Log Cabin Mixer featuring State Assemblymember David Hadley and Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian.

Last fall, Log Cabin members walked the precincts and donated time and money to help David beat out his opponent Al Muratuschi and break the Democrat supermajority in the State Assembly. With the legislature adjourned until January, David will update us on the activities of the 2015 session. He’ll tell us... 

Click here for all the details!

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October 2015 Mixer at V Wine Room Featuring Mitch Englander, Shawn Steel


We will be back at V Wine Room in West Hollywood for our October Log Cabin Mixer

Featured speakers this month:

  • Mitch Englander - Only Republican member of the LA City Counci and candidate for County Supervisor
  • Shawn Steel - Member of the Republican National Committee and former Chairman of the California Republican Party

We will also be collecting hotel and trial size toiletries for LGBT Homeless Youth as we head in to the holidays.

Join us! Click here for all the details!

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Anti-LGBT Language Struck from State Republican Platform

in a near-unanimous vote, the Republican Party of California struck anti-gay language from its Party platform and added language supporting non-discrimination legislation for individuals based on sexual orientation because of the work of Log Cabin Republicans of California.

“Log Cabin Republicans of California are proud of the support of the California Republican Party to build a more inclusive GOP,” Log Cabin Republicans of California Chairman John Musella stated. “We built a strong, broad-based conservative coalition to bring about this change which received nearly unanimous support of the delegates. We’re helping to build a platform and a Republican Party where all Californians are welcome.”

Read more
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It's Not Just the GOP Fighting for Its Antigay 'Religious Freedom'

Our Chapter President Matthew Craffey  recently penned an op-ed piece for LGBT publication "The Advocate" regarding the Kim Davis case and the battle over "religious freedom":

The behavior of Republican politicians is nothing if not predictable. But what is surprising is that this battle is exposing elected Democrats who can no longer simply stay indifferent on this issue or hide behind Obama’s record as they are now compelled to carry out the law. To put it more bluntly, shit just got real.

Davis is in fact a Democrat. The Democratic candidate for Kentucky governor supports her actions and has actually said he wants to pass a law protecting county clerks from having to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples if they have religious objections. The federal judge who sent Davis to jail for not carrying out her duties was an appointee of Republican President George W. Bush. In fact, the entire “religious freedom” protections idea stemmed from the bill President Bill Clinton signed into law in 1993. As an Illinois state senator in 1998, Obama also voted in favor of a version of a similar bill. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has famously supported states’ rights on the issue of marriage, which would ostensibly allow “religious freedom” laws to be used to deny same-sex couples the ability to marry.

Click here to read the entire article at The Advocate!



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