What a Difference Two Weeks Makes!

Looking back since my first involvement with Log Cabin Republicans, I can’t think of a more monumental two weeks than what the last 14 days have been like. I am so proud of what we have achieved in light of the challenges that face our Party, our community and our country.


juan-attacked-300w.jpgTwo weeks ago, we learned that one of our own Log Cabin members in the Bay Area was savagely attacked by anti-Donald Trump protestors at a San Jose rally. We got in contact with Juan Hernandez and heard his story as well as uncovered the shameless partisan pandering of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. When we found out he ordered his police force to stand down while innocent protesters were being beat-up by fascist thugs in front of their very eyes, we knew we had to act!


With just a 48-hour notice, we built a coalition, scheduled a press conference and caravanned to San Jose. We publicly called out the Mayor and Police Chief for their negligence that resulted in civil liberties being violated. Their actions allowed and condoned innocent citizens coming under assault for simply exercising their First Amendment rights.

The result? National and local news coverage helped Juan tell his story. He was also interviewed by Megan Kelly on FOX News and was featured in a piece on Bill O’Reilly. Our national president Gregory T. Angelo even lent support and flew in at the last minute to join local and state Log Cabin leadership in an inspiring team effort.

Two days later, we participated in Christopher Street West/Los Angeles’ Pride festival. In an election year, we plan for heightened hostility and tension, especially with the dynamics of the 2016 race. We hoped for the best and prepared our members with the facts, talking points, some humor and a plan to guarantee the safety of our booth volunteers.

pride-booth-group-300w.jpgThe response we received could not have been better! In talking to some of the veterans who participated, this year’s reaction to our GOP nominee was much more favorable than in years past. In addition, our sustained work to earn a charter from the Republican Party and the work to remove the anti-LGBT language from our state party platform gave way to more openness and constructive dialogue.

After three days, we left having opened minds, distributed a lot of Log Cabin material, popping our social media and seeing our sign-up sheets overflowing.

shooting-screenshot-300w.jpgOn the eve of the final night of LA Pride, 2,000 miles away tragedy struck our brothers and sisters in Orlando. The savage attack at a gay nightclub reminded us all of the work we still have to achieve. The hate and disgust that prompts ISIS militants to throw gay men off the roofs of buildings suddenly landed on our shores and came to our safe space, and brought that same hate and intolerance to our direct attention.

Before we even knew about the attacker, the Left had already begun it's effort to simply make this about gun control, rather than terrorism or radical Islam's hatred of the LGBT community

And Log Cabin pushed back.

The following Tuesday, we helped facilitate the broadcast of top Southern California rated radio show on KABC 790AM - “The Drive Home with Jillian Barberie & John Phillips” live from Flaming Saddles in West Hollywood.

john-phillips-julian-saddles.jpgWe sent several of our members to support John and Jillian. From the heart of West Hollywood, we helped shape the conversation that radical Islamic jihad would not scare us out of our neighborhoods and challenge our First and Second Amendment rights. Immediate Past Chairman of LCRCA and Los Angeles chapter member Charles Moran was the show’s first guest, drawing the clear distinction that the Left’s continued apologist mentality for radical Islamic jihad and an assault on the 2nd Amendment does nothing to make us more safe or prevent something like this from happening again.

I can’t begin to thank the volunteers and our Board members that have made this all possible - the time and resources needed to execute this kind of strategy are daunting. This is a team effort and I am proud to continue the legacy that Log Cabin Republicans has in our local, state and national community.

So today, I’d like you to consider continuing your membership and supporting our work. Come to our next event. Make a special contribution to our club. Big things are going on at Log Cabin Republicans, and we want you to be a part of it.

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Matthew Craffey
President Log Cabin Republicans of Los Angeles

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