LA Log Cabin Statement on SCOTUS Marriage Acceptance Case

LA Log Cabin Statement on SCOTUS Marriage Acceptance Case

On Friday, The Supreme Court of the United States announced it would be considering cases involving state bans on marriage equality in the next term.  This means it is likely that the nine justices will likely be ruling on the nationwide constitutionality of same-sex marriage.

LA Log Cabin Republicans are excited about this development.  Chapter President Matthew Craffey said:

Today is a potentially momentous day in our country’s march towards LGBT equality. In its next term, the Supreme Court has decided to take up the issue of marriage equality bans in the United States and could, once and for all, rule that such bans are unconstitutional. This would be a tremendous victory not only for those same-sex couples who simply want to enjoy the same rights and express the same commitment to love as everyone else. This would also be a victory for the institution of marriage, for the family unit, and the opportunity for our Nation’s laws to live up to our Nation’s ideals. Everyone wins when equality wins.

Log Cabin Los Angeles is committed to the issue of marriage equality both within the Republican Party, and within our Los Angeles community. As we continue our work to change hearts and minds on this issue, it is our deepest hope that the Supreme Court’s decision will follow suit.

The National Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans Gregory T. Angleo also expressed optimism: 

Not only will the Supreme Court’s decision to take up marriage equality bans in the next term impact the lives of committed same-sex couples across the country who desire nothing more than to live with the same rights, protections, and responsibilities as their straight counterparts, but it will also impact the 2016 GOP presidential primary process. While we urge the nation’s highest court to conclude that marriage equality is a constitutional right for gay and lesbian Americans, we likewise exhort Republicans, especially those with an eye on the White House, to understand that marriage equality is here to stay, regardless of any prospective Supreme Court decision — and a sensitivity to that reality is the key to GOP victory in 2016.

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2015 continues to shape up as an exciting year!

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