We Resist the #Resist March


June 12, 2017, will be the one-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Forty-nine LGBT people and straight allies lost their lives that night, and dozens of others were wounded when a terrorist carried out a vicious attack on those simply wanting to have a fun night out with friends. It was the deadliest shooting in American history.

We all remember where we were when we first heard of this horrific act of barbarism. In Los Angeles, people in our community woke up on Sunday morning, the second day of our usually joyous LGBT Pride Festival, to the news of what had happened to our brothers and sisters the night before, in a place most LGBT people consider sacred and safe. Fear, sadness, and uncertainty carried the day in West Hollywood, where city officials, law enforcement, and festival organizers rightly decided that we must stand up to the evil and hatred that spurred the attack on our community 2,500 miles away and carry on with the parade and festival. Although more somber than usual, the festivities continued and we felt united as a community on that day.

Many of us expected that this year’s L.A. Pride Festival would focus on unity and in some way memorialize the fact that our celebration falls on the one-year anniversary of the Orlando terrorist attack. However, rather than honoring those who lost their lives exactly one year earlier, LA Pride organizers have...



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An Evening with Caitlyn Jenner - SPECIAL MEMBER ONLY OFFER



On Tuesday, May 2nd, Republican Caitlyn Jenner will sit down with Patt Morrison from the LA Times at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown LA to talk about her new book.  We have a limited number of FREE tickets... but only if you're a member.  If you're not already a member and would like to get in on it, this would be a great time to join.  


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Log Cabin Member Ric Grenell Said to Be President Trump's Pick for NATO Ambassador

“I am writing to tell you that I am gay and I am a Christian.”

That was the opening line of the letter Richard Grenell, a former United Nations official, sent his evangelical parents when he decided to come out in 1999. He had kept his sexual orientation a secret from them for years, but after he fell in love with his now-longtime partner, he knew it was time to get his personal life in order.

President Trump reportedly plans to nominate Grenell to be his ambassador to NATO, a position that would make Grenell the highest-ranking gay man in the new administration, and arguably the most visible gay Christian in America. Yet his appointment could potentially influence more than the country’s ties to the military alliance—by pushing conservative Christians to reconsider their approach to LGBT rights and equality.

Grenell, a conservative and a Harvard graduate, boasts an extensive political resume that’s punctuated by his role as the longest serving U.S. spokesman at the United Nations. Four years after leaving the UN, he served as Mitt Romney’s...


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Former Reagan Assistant Peggy Grande to Speak at April Mixer


Peggy Grande is returning to speak out our next Log Cabin Mixer on April 21st on the rooftop of Fiesta Cantina in West Hollywood.

Peggy is the former assistant to President Reagan and will be on hand to talk about her new book "The President Will See You Know: My Stories and Lessons from Ronald's Reagan's Final Years" and a booth set up to buy a copy.

Being so close with the President, she has some great pictures and fascinating stories and insights...CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS AND TO RSVP

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Sunday Brunch with Log Cabin in Long Beach - March 26th


We know we have a lot of members and supporters in the South Bay/Long Beach area and it's always not easy to make it in to LA/West Hollywood on a Friday night - so we're bringing an event to you!

Join us for a casual Sunday Brunch at the Federal Bar in Long Beach on March 26th...click here for more info

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Kevin James Rescheduled for March 24th Mixer



AS PROMISED, we've rescheduled Kevin James for our next mixer on MARCH 24th at FIESTA CANTINA in WEST HOLLYWOOD.

Click here to get all the details and to RSVP...

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First Log Cabin Mixer of the Year with Kevin James - February 17th



We will reschedule soon and will issue refunds to all who have pre-paid

Did you know that the highest appointed official in the City of Los Angeles government is one of our own gay Republicans?

Kevin James; no, not the actor, but the former Assistant US Attorney-turned entertainment industry super-lawyer is a key player in LA City Hall. He oversees a successful operation in the largest city in the LA Metro area.

He'll be our featured speaker at this month's mixer...CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO RSVP

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Log Cabin Holiday Party Set for December 16th at the Los Angeles Athletic Club


'Tis the season!

Come celebrate another exciting year for our party and for our organization on Friday, December 16th at the Los Angeles Athletic Club in Downtown Los Angeles.

We'll enjoy cocktails, heavy hors d'oeuvres and each other's company in the beautiful Presidents Lounge. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

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A Post-Election Message to our Members & Friends

The 2016 election season was both incredibly exciting, and obviously also highly polarizing. Even within our own party and Log Cabin, there has been a variance of opinions. Differing views should always be respected, and regardless of who you were rooting for this election, it is time for all of us to come together, and continue fighting for the issues that matter to us. 

However, the bullying and threats we are starting to see expressed on social media and elsewhere by the Left towards many of our members and others who did support President-Elect Trump, needs to stop. Taking time to mourn a loss is understandable, but if President Obama and President-Elect Trump can shake hands earlier this week, and vow to work together, then the Left and the Right within the LGBT community should be able to do the same.
For those concerned about how LGBT liberties might be affected in a Trump Presidency, we would just like to point out the following statements and actions by Trump regarding our community.
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2016 Election Victory Party - Join us for our November Mixer!

We're back at the Fiesta Cantina rooftop this month for our Log Cabin mixer following the November elections and historic nationwide Republican victories!

For the first time since 1928, Republicans won the Presidency, the House and the Senate simultaneously, and who better to give us a post-election wrap up and look ahead to the new year than the Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, Mark Vafiades.

Mark's history in Republican Party politics...READ MORE

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